About Dom

Dominick P. Cardone III was born in Brooklyn, NY on June 30, 1993. He spent his childhood working construction and concrete with his father, building a strong work ethic and understand what hard work truly means.

A natural born athlete, Dominick played football while growing up. He began weight training going into his sophomore year of high school to prepare for the upcoming football season. After only about a month of research, he had discovered YouTube videos of Ronnie Coleman and Jay Cutler. Dominick was hooked. He had found his passion. It was then he decided, one day he will become a professional bodybuilder.

Dominick has gone on to compete in the NPC Metropolitans in 2010 at 16 years old. The rest was history as he knew this was his calling and true passion. Dominick has since achieved his goal of becoming a professional body builder, with future ambitions of becoming the best in the world.  He wants to help others achieve their fitness and nutrition goals, bringing his experience, dedication, and passion to others with Cardone Nutrition Coaching.