Winter = Growing Season

It’s getting cold outside, the coats come out, and it’s time to grow. We’re going to talk about the 4 main tenets of growing some big slabs of muscle: nutrition, training, a reasonable intermediate vitamin S cycle, and factors to stay on top of outside the gym.

1.      Nutrition

The biggest factors to consider here are total calories and consuming enough protein. Beyond that, it’s up to you how you fill out your carbs and fats. The safe approach is to add 300 calories to whatever you’re eating now that’s not changing your weight and stick to 1g/lb bodyweight. If you’re eating 3500 cals right now and staying the same weight, up it to 3800. If you weigh 240lbs, consume 240g protein per day. After you’ve stopped gaining weight on that amount of cals, increase it another 300. Do this repeatedly until the end of growing season.

2.      Training

Lifting heavy weight for as many reps as you can with good form to act on the right muscles is the name of the game here. Stick to compound movements for chest, back, shoulders, and legs plus isolation movements for arms and calves. That includes bench press, shoulder press, bent row, lat pulldowns, squat, deadlift, and lunges basically plus calf raises, dips/extensions, and curls. Aim for a total set count of 15 sets per body part per session and try and beat your previous bests on either weight lifted or reps with the same weight.

3.      The Cycle

Testosterone Enanthate or Cypionate 500mg/week – Weeks 1-10

Deca Durabolin 400mg/week –Weeks 1-10

Dianabol 50mg/day split in 2 doses – Weeks 1-4

Anastrozole 0.5mg 3x per week – Weeks 2-16

Clomiphene 50mg per day – Weeks 12-16

Tamoxifen 25mg per day as needed to control nipple tenderness

4.      Outside the Gym

8-10 hours of sleep is critical to allow your body to fully recover and grow that muscle you’re working so hard to earn. Morpheus and CBD can help in a big way with this part. 1-2 gallons of water intake will allow your body to effectively absorb and utilize the nutrition you’re eating daily. Minimizing stress will also go a long way in allowing your body the environment it needs to pack on the muscle.

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