The Three Biggest New Year's Resolution Lies Bodybuilders Tell Themselves

- "I don't need to make a resolution. I work hard all year; resolutions are for lazy people to make."
Wrong. Even the most experienced lifter can benefit from the structure given by committing to a date to complete a goal. The fact of the matter is that we as bodybuilders are not superhuman. We slip up too, we procrastinate, and having a set date to start a new phase of your training helps provide structure and guidance in the same way goal setting itself does. 

- "I'm going to start shredding for summer. "

Alone, this is a fine idea, but somehow it always seems to be the guys who need 8 months to diet down who decide January-May is when they'll break out the Gaspari vascularity. Conversely, we all know someone who struggles to gain weight and goes on and on about their "winter bulk", which usually amounts to 2-3 months of binge eating, unnecessary fat gain, and a generally less effective mass protocol than a slow lean bulk. Conforming your goals to bodybuilding "traditions" like the winter bulk and summer cut does little to address your needs as an individual, but has the unfortunate tendency of encouraging bad habits. I don't know why this needs to be said a thousand times, but: the rotation of the Earth around the Sun has nothing to do with what is or isn't optimal for your physique at that particular point in time. 

- "I hate New Year's Resolutioners that clog up the gym for the first few weeks of the new year!"

This is a bit more amusing than infuriating, but it sure is a lie! You don't hate seeing a couple dozen extra new people in the gym. Waiting an extra two minutes for the Cable Row isn't spoiling your workout, and lets be honest; the 4 weeks of the year that even novice bodybuilders look like giants among men in the gym is something we all secretly appreciate, performative complaints about sweaty Adductor machines notwithstanding. 

Nick TrigiliComment